Collect, manage,
market, nurture and
cosset your customers,
all in one place.

An intuitive online CRM system which enables you
to gather customers, keep in close touch with them,
create mailshot materials, organise marketing
campaigns, and analyse the results

Nurture your contacts and customers

Build and manage a customer database

Import spreadsheets, create website
sign-up forms, or enter information manually.
Then record details of conversations, meetings,
responses to mailshots, purchases. And finally
add 'tasks' to be carried out, identify leads,
allocate managers, send emails and record VOIP.
calls. You won't miss a trick.

Create marketing templates

No design or development skills needed

Use ready-made templates for instant mailshots; easy drag-and-drop tools make it very easy to release your creative side. If, however, you're in need of something bespoke, you can use our in-built HTML editor.

Market to selected groups

Segment your lists

Group your contacts in multiple ways, even create
dynamic groups (which are added to automatically
whenever a trigger is activated - such as a website
sign-up form is completed). There's no end to the
possibilities for highly targeted marketing.

Create automated campaigns

Plan your follow-up actions

Save oodles of time, and ensure that no opportunity is missed, by organising multi-action
automated campaigns - which are activated by the type of response you elicit from your
first mailshot. Send a specifically targeted follow-up email, or a printed brochure,
or an SMS message. You can also schedule a phone call (made through
the system), and add a 'task'.

Identify sales leads

Keep your eye on the ball

Assess and rate your contacts in terms of sales
potential. Allocate star ratings which will be
highlighted so you won't be able to miss any
call to action, and you'll be able to create
your sales 'pipeline'.

Create web forms
and surveys

Gather information or respond
quickly to events

You can use web forms in all manner of ways,
especially as they are so quick to create and to
place on your website. Gather email addresses,
find out your readers' opinions or preferences,
or conduct a full-blown survey.

Integrate with social media

Keep a constant eye on your contacts'
media activities

There's no better way to learn about what is engag ing your contacts than their social media feeds. If you identify their 'handles' in their contact files, you'll be able to see real-time activity on their sites directly on the system's contact pages, so you'll be able to keep totally up-to-date and super responsive.

Create web landing pages

Tailor-make personalised pages
for campaigns

Direct customers' clicks on mailshot links to special
website pages which you can create specifically
for a particular campaign. This is ultra-targeted
and highly effective marketing.

Follow-up intelligently

Use sophisticated analysis tools to pin-point responses

The more you know about the patterns of your customers' interactions with your marketing, the more responsive and targeted you can be. When are the best days and times to send mailshots; which mailshot worked best; where are your respondents; what links did they click? Whose address bounced, who unsubscribed.

Cast your analysis net wide

Track activity on web links

Don't just monitor what links are clicked by your mailshot readers... you can also evaluate
interest shown in the website to which they have linked (provided that the original
approach to the site was made by one of your contacts). So, for example, you could
assess how long your contact spent on the website, which pages they visited, and
then whether they clicked on any other link within the website. You'll be
surprised at how easy it is.